Alcohol Detox

Topics: Liver, Patient, Addiction Pages: 2 (720 words) Published: December 13, 2011
The article I chose is “Nurse-led detox in primary care. In my paper I will be discussing how alcohol detoxification works in London in a primary care setting.In the case of this article the primary care setting is considered working together with a nurse specialist in a community detox center.

In most cases a referral is made by the primary care physician to the nurse specialist. There are two different referral categories’ that are used in London. The first referral is for patients with complex physical needs where alcohol is a major contributing factor to physical elements (ex. jaundice, ascites, and liver failure). The second referral is for the dependent drinkers, which are considered people who drink every day. When a patient in referred to a community detox center the patient has to be willing to accept responsibility and shows signs of wanted to detox from alcohol. This concept is found to be harder in patients who have had a long standing problem with alcohol dependence. However, once a patient has made up their mind detoxing can change a person’s life and open up so many doors. In London the community detox guideline states “community detoxification is a process by which clients are enabled to withdraw safely from alcohol while remaining in a community setting. This is achieved with a combination of support, a reducing regime of medication and ongoing monitoring” (UK Department of Health, 2007).

In the community detox center the nurse specialist has a treatment package that includes detoxification, relapse prevention education, and to provide support to the patients who want to be alcohol free. There is a criteria that has to be met in order to do the program as well as exclusion that don’t allow a patient to do the program. In order to do the program a patient must have a stable living environment, with social support, the patient has to agree to attend aftercare sessions with nurse specialist, and have no severe physical health...
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