Alcohol Consumption

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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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Alcohol Consumption in the Media
Whether it is an occasional glass of red wine with a meal or just a few beers at the bar with friends, alcohol has always been a well rooted aspect of modern British life in terms of social interactions. It is so common to find people drinking that levels of alcohol consumption within the United Kingdom has become problematic. Alcohol is responsible for over thirty-four thousand deaths in the UK due to both direct and indirect effects on the body and mind.v According to, containing excessive amounts of alcohol in ones system can lead to aggressive and anti-social behavior. Furthermore the website states that one in three sexual offences, one in three burglaries and fifty percent of all street crimes are alcohol related. Though the consequences of the alcohol consumption are clear, various media groups and government, have different views on how the issues of alcohol consumption should be dealt with. The average consumption of alcohol transitioned into a new fad called binge drinking. Binge drinking is when one drinks at least twice the recommended daily limit and consumes a large amount of liquor within a small amount of time. This sort of behaviour is most common among 16 – 24 year olds and more commonly seen in men. Over a third of men, (35%) surveyed by the NHS in 2010 had drunk more than four units on one day in the past week. One fifth (19%) drunk twice the maximum daily unit guideline.’.i Since the turn of the millennium the number of admissions into NHS hospitals due to binge drinking has doubled. In December 2011 the Guardian stated ‘Hospital admissions linked to alcohol problems have reached a record high, prompting fresh concern about the harm being caused by binge drinking...Hospitals in England admitted 1,173,386 patients for treatment for alcohol-related problems in 2010-11, NHS statistics show, up 9% on the 1,056,962 in 2009-10, the first time the figure topped 1 million. In 2002-03, there were...
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