Alcohol Advertising Analysis

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  • Published : November 22, 2010
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Anthony Taylor
Dr. Price
23 September 2010
Happiness Fresh From the Factory

The product of interest within this advertisement is clearly an alcoholic beverage; more specifically, a concoction of bourbon manufactured by Maker’s Mark. Emphasized in a black backround, the bourbon exudes an aesthetically pleasing hue of amber housed within a carefully engineered glass bottle labeled by the Maker’s Mark Company. As an attempt to captivate the essence of this bottle of liquor, a quote to the left reads: “Your Bourbon has a great body and fine character, I wish the same could be said for my girlfriend.” It is noticeable that the words “great body” and “I wish” are typed in a font relatively larger than the rest of the words composing this statement. Another important detail pertaining to this advertisement is the almost subliminal reflection of the bottle of bourbon. The reflection represents a very nicely toned mid-section of an attractive female, highlighting her busty curves as an indication of her “top shelf quality” exquisiteness. A simple analysis of this advertisement above quickly points out various emotional appeals that are being targeted by the schemers responsible for creating this ad. The first of which are our needs for prominence and to dominate, which have the strongest association to the visuals comprising the advertisement. The other, rather less apparent, themes present in the ad are the need for aesthetic sensations and the need for attention. This advertisement is not unique from the majority of alcohol related ads as its main drive is to feed into the consumer’s unconscious desires in order to sell the product. The advertising agency hired by Maker’s Mark put special effort forth in this ad towards manipulating its consumers through the use of emotional appeals and even a minor application of contemporary psychology. It is, however, unfortunate that an effort this impressive is responsible for such exploitative, despicable, and...
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