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Alcohol advertisements essay

Nowadays, advertisements have undoubtedly become part of our daily life. They can be found anywhere: from fliers, magazines, televisions, to buses, walls or buildings. They fill our society with colorful pictures, vivid melodies and fancy videos. They adorn our world with their diversity and creativeness. However, as ordinary customers, are we ever skeptical about advertisements’ effectiveness, especially when their costs are extremely high ( for example, reports say that a commercial on Super Bowl 2011- an annual football championship league of the US- costs nearly three million US dollar per 30 seconds) ? In fact, advertisements not only acquaint consumers with products and qualities, but they also play critical roles for many other purposes such as building brand name, grabbing public attention and influencing consumers’ emotional impressions about the products. Three different advertisements from the famous beverage brand Heineken shed light on how a firm uses advertising for these goals. The first advertisement, a black and white picture that first appeared in 1950, serves the main purpose of marketing a new brand and product to new customers. According to Heineken’s history, the brand began its first importing to the United State in 1933. However, due to the Great Depression and World War II, Heineken experienced serious decline in material and production. Only when the war ended and Heineken next successor entered the US as sale promote was the US market developed. In short, in 1950 the United States is still a relatively new market for Heineken. In the ad, there is picture of a waiter carrying a tray with a glass of beer. The beer glass image is very big and outstanding. The waiter walks confidently: his belly extends forward while his head faces the sky, suggesting that he fully believes in, or even is a little proud of, the beverage in his hands and its quality. Tagged along with the images are the brand name that appears prominently in the center, and a sentence: “Product of more than 300 years of brewing skill… It’s smooth and mellow …Heineken’s…. The world finest lager”. Even though this claim- “the world finest lager”- is a little exaggerated, the advertisement surely delivers to its audience good qualities of the new beverage product: “smooth” and “mellow”, as well as impresses them with “more than 300 years of brewing skill”. This technique of advertiser is called “glittering generalities”, showing qualities and attaching products with positive languages to attract buyers. On the other hand, the image of a waiter with formal clothes and confident stance gives us the visualization of a restaurant, not a tavern for normal working class people in the 30s; therefore implying that the main target audience of this ad is middle and upper class people. In summary, despite poor printing and advertising skills in the past, the 1950 Heineken advertisement surely has helped raise the awareness of middle and upper class American people about the beverage brand. Additionally, advertisements also help to create a good response from audiences by making them unconsciously associate the product with positive things. In this ad, the overweight waiter image with big belly and short legs suggests abundance and joy, as well as prosperity and nobility. The rich will find convenience in the joyful and abundant atmosphere, while middle class people will strive for nobility and prosperity-the qualities they do not have. However works such as creating awareness of customers and marketing the product’s good qualities only have to be done when the product is locally new, or the brand is young. For famous brands that have been recognized globally such as Heineken, their ads mainly serve other goals, of which one is rather the most important aim of all advertisements: to develop the brand name. The second Heineken ad took the background of “Casino Royale”, the 2006 movie in the famous James Bond series. The...
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