Alcohol Abuse Among Teenagers effects

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Alcohol Abuse among Teenagers

Composition II- Professor Dennis Lawrence

Alcohol Abuse among Teenagers

Alcohol abuse among teenagers has many adverse effects on their lives. For whatever reason, this abuse has gotten out of hand. The teenagers don’t realize the consequences of drinking alcohol are as severe as they are. Some of the effects of this abuse are health problems, loss of interest in school and home activities, and probable drug use in the future. These effects are endangering our teenager’s lives now and in their future. One of these effects of alcohol abuse among teenagers is health problems. A major health problem is psoriasis of the liver later in life. If someone starts drinking alcohol at such an early age, their liver will slowly develop this disease over their lifetime. Also if alcohol is introduced to a teenagers developing brain, it is permanently affected. Alcohol also can stunt their growth processes. All of these health problems will effect these kids their entire lifetime. Their young bodies, which are still developing and growing, just can’t handle the consumption of alcohol. Another health problem is the effect on their still developing brain. The damage done to the brain at this stage of development is permanent. Also their growth may be stunted. Teenagers don’t realize that their “good times” now will have such drastic and long term effects on their overall health. (Krasnow, B., 2010) A second effect of alcohol abuse among teenagers is a loss of interest in their school and home activities. In most cases, their grades start drastically dropping. They begin to just care about where and when they will get their next taste of alcohol. Their group of friends changes to those that are also abusing. If they keep attending school, they do so only out of necessity and start to not care if they pass or get an education. At home, they begin to withdraw from family discussions and activities. Their normal...
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