Alcoa's Core Values in Practice

Topics: Problem, Management, Problem solving Pages: 1 (288 words) Published: May 29, 2012
Alcoa’s Core Values in Practice

Alcoa’s work environment was not always the best job place in the world it was a very busy and very stressful work place. For some of the employees they was not always treated right for a lot of people but was a job. If someone did not do their work right or they were to find something wrong with the product in the manufacturing the product. The people that worked there were treated bad and were cured at in front of each other until the “main “people were called in to find the problem. Then environment was very egoism. As I read this I have seen that it isn’t a very professional business if co-workers are getting cursed at their main manger. As you know you cannot do this in a professional work place if so you the management would not have a job long. I understand that the main job and the top role management played the part of making sure production was ran right with no problems. As you know there are always problems in a work place and some time you just have to back up and regroup and start over. I think that it is great the this company take the time to make sure that they test each and every part but in the testing part most of the samples passed and had no problems. Then as you know there are some of the parts that failed this are where the management was not very nice to their employees and show that they really did not care if someone was put down and belittled in front of other and that showed an inconsistency in the lot.
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