Alchemist Essay by Paulo Coelho

Topics: Love, Alchemy, Carl Jung Pages: 2 (587 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Brandon A. Fisher
Mrs. Truby
The Alchemist
In “The Alchemist”, Paulo Coelho”, the author, narrates the story of a young child who had a dream about a treasure that was hidden in an Egyptian pyramid. Along his journey, Santiago, the kid, discovers that the most valuable treasure wasn’t necessarily the one he was looking for at the beginning, but the journey itself, that would teach him about his dreams, his fate, and love; which are a treasure no one can take away from him.

At the beginning of the story, Santiago is in an abandoned church, dreaming of a treasure which he passionately desired to obtain. This dream could be highly symbolic due to the fact that this event was the whole cause of Santiago’s journey and his ambition for a treasure. One of the most important points of this story is also represented by dreams, even though Santiago’s dream involved a treasure, his journey did not involve money at all, because the dream was meant to define that all he really desired was to be a better person than the one he already was. After all, money never played a very important role in his life, and some things that are more valuable than that are learning about himself, about kindness, and faith.

Santiago’s destiny was basically started with a single dream, whenever he was traveling to pursue his dream, he was also pursuing his personal legend. Everything he passed, whether it was good or bad, an improvement or an obstacle, it was all part of his destiny. When Santiago started to pursue his dream, he also began to pursue his destiny at the same time. Whenever someone has a dream, they have the option of having enough courage to chase it no matter the consequences it will take, or simply ignore it. An example of this would be the the crystal vendor, he wanted to go to Mecca, however, he did not have the motivation to follow his destiny.

“‘What is love?’ the desert asked. ‘Love is the falcon’s flight over your sands. Because for him, you are a green...
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