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Mariam Ivanishvili
English 2H

The Alchemist
by Paulo Coelho

I. Major Characters
A. Santiago
1. A shepherd boy from an Andalusian town
2. Became a shepherd to travel and see different places
3. Curious, ambitious, and eager to see the world
4. Naturally adventurous
5. Has a recurring dream about uncovering treasure in Egypt
6. Sets off to pursue Personal Legend
7. focused on his growing understanding of the “ Soul of the World” 8. Learns to pay attention to the world around him
9. Recognizes nature as a single unified whole
10.Learns to read omens in nature
11. Ultimately learns to be one with the world
B. The Alchemist
1. Alchemy practitioner who lives at the Al- Fayoum oasis
2. Is a teacher/mentor to Santiago
3.Possesses magical powers
4. His wisdom allows Santiago to connect himself with the world 5. Guides Santiago on his own quest
6. Hands off method of teaching
7. Teaches Santiago to teach and transform himself by listening to his heart C. The Crystal Merchant
1. Serves as Santiago's friend
2. Gives him a job/commission
3. Functions as an example of someone whose given up his pursuit of his Personal Legend
4. Is afraid to pursue his dream of going to Mecca because he feels he will have nothing to live for after it is accomplished
5. Serves as an example of the dangers of an unfulfilled life

D. Melchizedek
1.King of Salem 2. Introduces key concepts to Santiago, such as Personal Legends, Beginner's Luck, etc 3.Gives Santiago two magical stones: Urim and Thummim which represent yes and no . 4.Motivates people to pursue their Personal Legends 5. Even when he is not present, the magical stones he gives Santiago help him to remain hopeful

E. The Englishman
1. Well educated and an aspiring alchemist
2. Joins a caravan in search of the alchemist
3. Anti- social
4. Prefers to read his books, rather than interact others
5. Teaches Santiago the value of book learning and introduces him to alchemy
6. Learns from Santiago the importance of experience
7. Focuses too much on books, thus hasn't reached personal development to become the alchemist's apprentice
8. Lesson: true wisdom comes from experience, not solely books 9. ““There is only one way to learn,” the alchemist answered. “It’s through action. Everything you need to know you have learned through your journey.”

F. Fatima
1. Willing to wait for Santiago while he pursuits his Personal Legend
2. says that as a woman of the desert she realizes that men must leave the women they love for long periods of time 3. Has confidence that Santiago will return
Has no Personal Legend of her own
“When we love, we always strive to become better than we are. When we strive to become better than we are, everything around us becomes better too. 6.“Love never keeps a man from pursuing his destiny.” II. Themes

A. Personal Legends
1. According to the Alchemist, Personal Legends are the only way one can reach satisfaction or fulfillment in their life. The novel states that the universe can only reach perfection if all things achieve their Personal Legends. Those that turn their back on their dreams, such as the crystal merchant, resort to living a life of regret and disappointment. The primary theme of The Alchemist is that all individuals should live in pursuit of their Personal Legends.

B. Nature/Universe
2. Throughout the novel, Santiago must learn to communicate with nature in order to reach his Personal Legend. This Santiago refers to as the “Language of the World”. When he needs to turn into the wind, Santiago employs the help of the desert, wind, and sun. As the alchemist tells Santiago, everything from a grain of sand to God himself share the same...
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