Albertus Camus

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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Albertus Camus
    Looking at some of the great philosophers that have asked many of life’s greatest questions and lived their life looking for answers to these deep questions, without a doubt Albertus Camus would be considered one of the more well know philosophers. Albertus Camus’ was best know for his thoughts on absurdity and its existence and more importantly  how people live with this idea. Some of the main points that I’m going to highlight about Albertus’ thoughts on absurdity are how people deal with this absurdity, how philosophers address this thought and lastly how can it be affirmed or understood in this world. Albertus Camus uses the book of Myth of Sisyphus to explain main key concepts and points that he makes during his meditations.     When he talks about absurdity and how people can understand it or confront the issue, he immediately starts to talk about human life and the thought presses that is taken by people in order to try to find the truth to life.  This is important because this also brings up the issue of suicide. He brings suicide because it asks the question that really no one man has the answer to “is life worth living?”  And how this thought of suicide ties back into philosophy.  With almost all philosophers studying death I feel like Albert did one of the best jobs explaining the issue of weather life was worth living or not. Albertus brings up a very fundamental point of philosophy with these two examples and that major point it ; there are some form of thinking or thought that are just not worth pursuing. Albertus warns us early on in the reading that sometime the search for meaning of absurdity is sometimes not worth the risk of ones own life. Albert uses Galileo as an example of this.  He tells the reader how Galileo would preach his discovery of the universe and the solar system as soon as his life was threatened. While some people would sit back and say that this idea brought fourth by Albertus is pointless, because he...
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