Albertsons Works on Employee Attitudes

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Prof. Navreet KaurSneha Bhalla
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Many organisations are very concerned with the attitudes of their employees. Attitudes are evaluative statements-either favourable or unfavourable-about objects, people or events. They reflect how we feel about something. When an employee says, “I like my job,” he is expressing his attitude about work. Attitudes are complex in nature. They typically have three components: A. Cognitive component :

The aspect of an attitude that is a description of or belief in the way things are.

B. Affective component :
It is the emotional or feeling segment of an attitude and can lead to behavioural outcomes.

C. Behavioral component :
It is an intention to behave in a certain way toward someone or something.

The following case study discusses the importance of employee attitudes and how bringing about a change in them can change the performance of an organisation as a whole.


Albertsons is a huge grocery and drug company. It has more than 2400 supermarkets, and its Osco and Savon brands make it the fifth-largest drugstore company in the United states. In a typical year, shoppers will make 1.4 billion trips through its stores. Albertsons competes in tough businesses. Wal-Mart, in particular, has been eating away at its market share. With revenues flat and profits falling, the company hired Larry Johnston to turn the business around.

Johnston came to Albertsons from General Electric. And it was while he was at GE that Johnston met a training specialist named Ed Foreman. Foreman endeared himself to Johnston when the latter hired Foreman to help him with a serious problem. At the time, Johnston had been sent to Paris to fix GE Medical Systems’ European division. The division made CT scanners. Over the previous decade, four executives had been brought...
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