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  • Published : April 25, 2011
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1.Analyze Albertsons using the value chain and competitive forces models. There are five forces in porter’s competitive model. new market entrants ,suppliers,substitute products and services cusotmers. Thus , wal-mart is the new market entrants ,and has great asupremacy power , second Albertsons is focusing on decrease the cost in supply chain. third Albertsons has adopted the loyalty card and auto checkout system. 2. What role do information systems play in Albertsons’ business strategy? How do systems provide value for Albertsons? Information systems plays a key role in the business strategy.without this all the strategy would be an empty talk. The information system make the customers buy products more conveniently and provide them a good shopping experience ,also this system decrease the hr costs and make Albertsons communicate with its suppliers and customers more conveniently. 3.Compare Albertsons to Wal-Mart in terms of business strategy, current success, and future success. Albertsons’s business strategy focus on leading service and wal-mart focus on low cost. Now wal-mart was leading the market ,but Albertsons has a great potential power especially when Albertsons adopted the information technology and hr strategy 4.Which management, organization, and technology factors hinder Albertsons from achieving the goals of its business strategy? Which management, organization, and technology factors help Albertsons achieve its goals? Factors hinder Albertsons from achieving the goals of its business strategy including the less competitive marginal profit ,less money earned per sale ,less power in supply chain and the price of products. Factors help Albertsons achieve its goals including the excellent ceo johnston and the big investment in information technology and hr talents, also the long experience in retail marketing . 5.Do you think Albertsons’ business strategy will work? Why or why not? I think Albertsons’ business strategy will work and help Albertsons...
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