Alberto Fujimori

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  • Published : January 7, 2002
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Alberto Fujimori is currently Peru's president. As you might think from the way in which his name sounds is in fact from Japan but resides in Peru and has been there for much of his life. There isno available information on much of his life or who his parents were but he is one of the only people who I know of that is from Peru and who is close to a historical figure. As of right now there is an election going on for another persident of Peru and one of the improtant figures in the running is Valenin Paniagua. Paniagua is a respected politician who is currently trying to fill the seat that Fujimori is in right now. Since things are going rather rough for Mr.Fujimori it looks like paniagua has a significant chance to fill his seat in the near future. Fujimori is facing mountin impeachmentcharges from the corruption charges that are piling up against him and his resiignation will be seen as an attempt to escape those impeachment charges. Peru's emergence as a true democracy depends on rooting out the despotism and corruption that have characterized the past fice years of the Fujimori Regime. For this reason, Japan should not grant Mr. Fujimori asylum. It maybe sometime before Peru has a legitimate governemnt, which can seek the extradition of Mr. Fujimori, if, as Washington has reported, he intends to stay in Japan indefinitely. Mr. Fujimorei left the presidential palace in the middle of the night with an enormous amount of baggage. He left the government in disarray, whi no clear successor. Which hopefully is where valentin Paniagua will shin the most. Coming to his countries rescue in it's time of need.
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