Albert Speer (Germany)

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Albert Speer.
Early Years:
Albert Speer was born in 1905; in the city of Mannheim located in the state of Baden-Württemberg in Germany. Albert had been raised in the small township of Heidelberg; he was the second of three boys. His father, Albert Friedrich Speer, was a highly successful architect and his mother Luise Mathilde Wilhelmine Hommel was the daughter of a very wealthy businessman. Albert was nine years old at the time when World War One broke out, though he was too young to fight at the time as so were his brothers. Albert had been sent to a private elementary school and later he moved on to a state high school. Albert’s main focus was mathematics and he hoped to get a degree, though his father wanted his son to follow in his footsteps and become a successful architect and so with that he did. Albert had begun his studies at a Technical University in Karlsruhe near Heidelberg and then he moved on to a more advanced Technical University in Munich. In the year of 1928 Albert had completed his studies and graduated. Albert’s fascination for Hitler:

Professor Tessenow who had previously taught Speer at the Technical University in Munich had never agreed with Nazism, though a huge proportion of his students did and Albert was on of them who did. After Albert had graduated he had been persuaded to go to Berlin in 1930 to attend a rally where Hitler spoke and gave his ideas to the people and not long after hearing Hitler speak Albert had signed up for Nazi Party membership because he was inspired by Hitler’s personality and the ideas he had about German society. On the first of March 1931 Albert had been selected and he was now part of the Nazi Party. Albert said that he had joined the Nazi Party because he feared of communism, ‘’fascination for Hitler and rejection of The Treaty of Versailles with its imposition of German guilt for the First World War.’’(HSC Online) Early work for the Nazi Party:

Albert’s very first major commission as a Party member...
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