Albert Speer Essay 3

Topics: Nazi Germany, Adolf Hitler, Nazism Pages: 2 (648 words) Published: October 9, 2010
Albert Speer, hailed from an upper-class, educated background, would become one of the most renowned figures in the Nazi Germany period. Although Speer started off initially being unaffected by politics, he would soon become entangled in the controversial Nazi Party which would forever leave its stain upon history. From his adolescence, Speer had longed to excel in architecture. However, the war had quelled this ambition and instead, Speer opened up his own business establishment. None the less, he was relocated to Berlin where he first attended a speech made by Hitler in 1931. Prior to this, Speer had been unaffected by politics, yet Hitler’s ambition to rebuild and revitalise the cities of Germany appealed to his architectural ambitions, and so within that very year Speer had applied and become a member of the NSKK (Motorist’ association of the National Socialist Party). This prompted unexpected opportunities for Speer, who not only joined the SS the following year, but who was also now under the command of district leader Karl Hankes, which opened up such opportunities as redecorating the district party headquarters. Subsequently, Hankes promotion to the station of secretary to Joseph Goebells’ in March 1933 gave Speer the task of rebuilding and redecorating the Ministry of Propaganda. Speer later collaborated with Paul Ludwig Troost in the refurbishment of the Chancellery building. It was at this particular time that Hitler, who had an interest in architecture, took an instant liking to Speer. Seeking out a “young, untried architect who could carry the party’s ideology and architectural ideas past his lifetime”, Hitler took Speer under his wing and by 1934; they had developed a close relationship. Ironically, it was the death of Troost that furthered Speer’s rank in the Nazi party where he had now become Hitler’s official architect. The construction of the ‘true capital of the Reich’ which was to be called Germania, also elevated Speer’s rise to power...
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