Albert Pujols - Biography of Novel

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Albert Pujols: The Man Beyond the Dugout
Albert Pujols may end up being the leading RBI getter, homerun king, and extra base hitter in the history of the MLB. Categorizing what kind of a man he is through stats would be so wrong in so many ways. He came from being on the streets of Puerto Rico, to batting three-hole in the World Series in a matter of ten years. That type of thing doesn’t happen through luck. He put his trust in God and through him found the courage to perfect his Hall-of-Fame swing. The strengths he gained from committing himself to Christ gave him the dedication he needed to perfect his swing

Reading “Albert Pujols: The Man Beyond the Dugout” was crucial to my motivation my junior year of high school baseball. I was coming off the worst season of my life in which I had a total of six errors in the outfield and batted .220 at the plate. You could say I was at an all time low in a baseball aspect. Seeing where Albert had come from in the beginning of his playing career to now was truly inspiring. Knowing that he came here and went to a Junior college also kept me excited throughout the book. Knowing that I was going to a Junior College in John A., it kept me motivated to get where I am now.

Without a doubt, Albert’s Biography should be in the library at school. It’s a story that can motivate a student at a low in there life to get back after it and make something of themselves. He’s a role model, for students of all ages; especially children in the Christian community. The moral of the story is to never give up and to work harder than ever to get where you want to be. It can only motivate a student. Where is the problem in a student reading a book of this magnitude? Knowing that it impacted me in this way should motivate the librarians to do anything to get it into their library.

The strengths in “Albert Pujols: The Man Beyond the Dugout” are off the charts. The building up to his World Series appearance was perfect. It started with...
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