Albert Heijn Logistics

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Albert Heijn Logistics

My name is Charlotte den Heijer and I would like to tell you something about the logistic process of Albert heijn. During my presentation, I wouldn’t like if you ask me some questions but if a question pops into your head you can ask it after my presentation. I chose to tell something about this, because I work at Albert Heijn in Heemskerk. I told the boss of the supermarket where I work that I had to do an English presentation on the logistics of Albert Heijn. She told me she knew the director of albert heijn, Koos Friend. Later she told me that she had sent him an e-mail which would bring me in contact with him. I then made an appointment with mister friend and I got a tour of the warehouse in Zaandam where he works. He told a lot about the logistics process and also ran a presentation with me. Then I was allowed to work by myself on my presentation and I could ask questions about anything.

I am now going to tell some general things about Albert Heijn. • Firstly, Albert Heijn is now 125 years old! Albert Heijn started in 1887 and is therefore the oldest supermarket in Holland.

• About 915,000 people work at Albert Heijn and together they have 52 nationalities.

• Also, Albert Heijn has publices 2 free magazines namely Allerhande and Wathandig

• Dutch Albert Heijn has a market share of 32% and it is predicted higher Albert Heijn has 6 distribution centers. 4, of which are regional centers, are in: o Pijnacker
o Zwolle
o Tilburg
o Zaandam, the one that I visit, supplies 200 stores.
In addition, Albert Heijn has 2 national distribution centers o Geldermalsen
o Nieuwegein Utrecht

• Albert Heijn has 4 own brands,
o AH brand
o AH biological
o AH excellent
o Euro Shopper

While I was having a tour through the distribution, Koos told me a lot about all the things that were happening. I'm going to tell you briefly what Koos told me about the distribution center. First off all, we have various kinds of hall where...
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