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Topics: Albert Einstein, Compass, North Magnetic Pole Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: February 4, 2013
What is it that makes a person Genius? Is it the right education, right thinking or is it the right encouragement at right time that has triggered the mind of a genius to really become genius. Is a genius, genius from birth and against all odds of his life proves his intelligence.

Parents of Albert Einstein, Hermann Einstein and his wife Pauline Einstein thought that Albert was a very quiet boy. He spoke hardly until age 3. Due to this they thought that son Albert, was a slow learner. But it was something else, when he did speak, he did say the most unusual things. When Albert was 2 years old, his mother promised him a surprise gift. Albert was overjoyed, thinking she would bring him some new fascinating toy. But when his mother presented him with his new baby sister Maja, all Albert could do is store quizzically. He didnt respond at all, but after some time when he responded he said, where are the wheels?

When he was 5 years old and sick in bed, Hermann Einstein brought Albert a device that did stir his intellect. It was the first time he had seen a magnetic compass. He noticed very carefully that no matter in whichever direction he keeps the compass, the needle inside always face the magnetic north direction. He tried several times by shaking the compass, as he wanted to fool the needle, but needle always faced the same direction. A wonder he thought, the invisible force that guided the compass needle was evidence to Albert that there was more in this world than is visible. Probably, the magnetic compass sparked the genius in Albert and gave him the direction, which lead to the road of exploration that he followed rest of his life.

Alberts mother always encouraged his exploration, even as a child he was allowed his freedom. He wasnt social or athletic, and wasnt pushed to be so.

Albert had the opportunity to interact with adults in an intellectual way. His uncle, an engineer, would come to the house and Albert would join in the discussions. A...
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