Albert Bandura

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Albert Bandura

He was born in a small town of Mundare in northern Alberta, Canada on December 4, 1925. He went to elementary and high school in a school with minimal resources.

He received his bachelor degree from the University of British Columbia in Psychology in 1949. In 1952 he received his Ph.D from the University of Iowa.

In Iowa, he met Virginia Varns, she was an instructor in the nursing school. The got marry and later she had two girls. After he graduated, he took a postdoctoral position at the Wichita Guidance Center in Kansas.

He started teaching at Stanford University in 1953. There, he collaborated with one of his graduated students named Richard Walters. The result of it, was their first book in 1959 Adolescent Aggression.

In 1973, Albert Bandura was president of the APA and received and award for Distinguished Scientific Contributions in 1980. To this day, he continues working at Stanford University.

The social learning theory by Albert Bandura talks about the importance of observational learning, imitation and modeling. His most famous experiment was the ¨Bobo Doll¨study in 1961. In this experiment, made a movie in which a woman was beating a doll and shouting aggressive words. In was shown to a group of children. After that, the children were allowed to play in a room with the same doll. They immediately began to beat the doll down imitating the same actions and words the woman had in the movie.

Bandura establish certain steps involved in the modeling process: 1. Attention: If you are going to learn anything, you have to be paying attention. 2. Retention: You must be able to remember what you have paid attention 3. Reproduction: You have translated the images or descriptions in actual behavior. 4. Motivation: You´re still not going to anything unless you are motivated.

He also believed that modeling has several affects on learners: * Acquisition: New responses are learned by observing the model. *...
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