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Overcoming Fears on the Albatross

The movie White Squalls was a great movie and the main reason I think it was so good was because of the many fears they overcame throughout the movie. They became stronger as people and they grew from boys into young men by the time their journey was over. Some of the most life changing fears that were overcame in this movie were when Gil faced his fear of heights, Dean admitted that he had been cheating on tests and that he needed help. This movie has been one that really relates to my life because I’ve overcame some fears in my life that are similar to the ones in this movie.

Gil was the only one on the boat that was afraid to climb and he was terrified of it. When he was forced to climb by the skipper, he cried and he peed his pants. Even when the skipper climbed it with him, he was still scared for his life. Later in the movie we learned that he was scared of heights because his brother fell out of a tree. So I understood why he cried when he had to climb. But towards the end of the movie he got over his fear, and climbed all the way to the top of the ship without having a fear of doing so.

Another great moment in the movie when a fear was overcame was when dean was caught cheating and the boys confronted him about it. Dean was just scared of people thinking he was stupid so he had to cheat to get on the boat and also had to cheat when he was on the boat. He would get really mad when the other boys called him stupid and he even started a fight because of it. He faced his fear and told the boys that caught him and they said that as long as he didn’t cheat anymore, that they would help him pass the final exam. It was an emotion part of the movie and it was one that changed the atmosphere of the boat. Everyone started to get along a lot better after that and they all became good friends.

This movie was great for me because I also had to overcome some fears throughout my life. I overcame my fears of water and went...
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