Albania Hunger Games

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  • Published : October 31, 2012
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How Albania and the Hunger Games are Alike
Albania and The Hunger Games are very similar places for Albania being a real country and the Hunger Games being a third world country. Both of these countries are alike by showing that they both have very many problems in the country. In Albania the country deals with starvation, law makers, and lives in fear. In the Hunger Games the people deal with same problems such as, law makers, starvation and lives in fear. These countries have gone through a lot of problems but, are trying to make changes. To show that these countries are the same the reader will read show how both countries live in fear, what the law makers are like, and starvation.

In both countries they show how they live in fear. In Albania they have to live in fear because of the way that they treated. What this means by how they are being treated is that the government treats them terribly and is killed if they don’t do the right thing. This is why the people in Albania have to live in fear. Now the people in the Hunger Games have to live in fear as well because of the way they are treated in the country. The people have to live in fear because in this country they are divided into districts, and there are thirteen districts in this country, but the thirteenth district was destroyed because the people in the district tried to revoke. So the government decided to drop a bomb on the district to destroy this. By the government destroying this district puts the other people in the other districts in fear of getting there district destroyed.

The next way that these countries are the same is how the law makers make a big impact in the country. The law makers a big impact in Albania because they live under a communist world. The reason that this is rough on the country is because a communist country is like a dictatorship. This means that ruler of the country is in control of everything and can make the people do anything. What else the country allows is...
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