Alaska and Hawaii

Topics: Difference, Similarity, Mount McKinley Pages: 2 (477 words) Published: May 31, 2013
Alaska and Hawaii

The vacation is a free time which people usually spend with family or friends in exotic country. However, before the tourists choose destination, they pay attention to several aspects, such as accomodations, environment, transportation, climate as well as natural beauty. A lot of people are considering vacation in Hawaii, other people prefer spending their free time in Alaska. Therefore, I want to present a comparison of vacation in Alaska and Hawaii, which will reveal similarity but also a great number of differences. The popular tourist destinations are similar in area of environment. The environment in Hawaii and Alaska isn't polluted in any way. A characteristic feature of these countries is fact that ocean and rivers aren't contaminated, and the air is entirely pure and clean. Moreover, there are a lot of beautiful beaches, which are really clean and very popular among tourists. Despite this similarity, the popular tourist destinations differ greatly in several areas. The first major difference is in accomodations. Despite the fact that in Alaska are very expensive hotels, generally their quality is really poor. The same problem is related with food, which is very costly and unfortunatelly isn't liked by tourists, in contrast to accomodation in Hawaii. Travel agencies offer tourists not only a wide range of excellent hotels but also wonderful restaurants with many delicious dishes. Another significant difference is connected with transportation. Most tourists fly to Hawaii by jumbo jet. Whereas a lot of people travel to Alaska by cruise ship. It is worth to add that renting a car in Alaska isn't practical due to too great distances. However, in Hawaii rental cars are not only convenient but also cheap. In addition to the differences in accommodations and transportation, there are also differences in climate. In Alaska during the summer the temperature is excellent, and rainfalls are rare. Moreover, in Alaska hasn't humidity. In...
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