Alas Babylon Essay

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  • Published : January 18, 2006
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Money plays an important role in all areas of society. It labels our success, our living conditions, and even our friends. This is no different in the small town of Fort Repose. Imagine if all people had been working for all of their lives suddenly became irrelevant. There was no longer any established system of currency nor was there a need for white collar jobs. Before the "Day", Fort Repose was a typical U.S. town, but then, like so many other towns across the nation, their whole sense of self-worth was demolished. The following three paragraphs will elaborate on the effect of the "Day".

A prime example of a well known, wealthy person being reduced to a worthless member of society is Porky Logan. Before the "Day", Porky was a successful politician. He, due to his wealth and political position, was perceived by the townsfolk to be important. However, after the "Day" Porky was not able to cope with the fact the material possessions he was surrounding himself with were meaningless. Porky, once a respectable politician, resorted to looting abandoned shops in hopes that after the crisis was over he would be once again wealthy and important. In his greed, he stole radiated jewels and eventually was found , his selfish hands plunged into his box of treasure.

Second is a person who was a well known bachelor. Randy Bragg was somewhat of a depressed individual who was spending his time drinking and with women. A little while before the "Day", Randy was asked to look after his brother's family, his brother being in the military and knowing that a nuclear war was inevitable. This made Randy start to take some responsibility and forced him to be a father figure of sorts. After the were dropped, Randy assumed the leader position in the town. Through his assertiveness and problem solving, Randy gained the trust of the townsfolk. Randy defended the town from highwayman and averted a major salt disaster.

Florence Wechek was a telegraph operator by profession...
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