Topics: Human, Biology, Ecology Pages: 2 (606 words) Published: May 2, 2013
Dr. Joel Brown’s speech
Our first presentation for this class was given by dr. Joel Brown. Dr. Brown is an evolutionary ecologist. He has been a member of the UIC faculty team for about 26 years. That’s almost 4 years before I was even born. He was a chemistry major when he was a freshman in high school. The only reason that made him choose chemistry was his hobby which is bomb making. The story that made him change his major was really funny. It was because of a flyer that said, “fire ecology assistant needed”. If the word “fire” weren’t there, he would have never even bothered with the position. After having this job he realized that he likes working outside with the nature. Currently, he’s teaching at UIC and he’s taking a year off to go to the Negev desert in Israel to make some research there because he has been given a job opportunity to work on some researches over there. There are lots of things that I have learned from his speech. I am a chemistry major and I’m probably the least person in this class who knows anything about biology and about living things. Before his speech, I didn’t even know what the word ecology meant. I thought it was just some branch of biological science that I had no interest in. The way Dr. Brown explained and presented ecology made me realize what it really meant. Ecology is the study of the interaction of organisms with their environments. Another thing that I have learned from his speech is that animals give up food based on different factors. Fear is the one of them; number of predators in the area affects the density of the food given up. I also learned about the different factors of dynamics in nature. If there were a question I could ask to Doctor Brown, it would be “which country out of all the ones you have visited and done researches about has the most diverse and interesting habitats?”

What I really liked about his presentation is the entertaining and fun stories he told to us. One of those stories was the...
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