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Running head: Alan Mulally, CEO, Ford Motor Company

Alan Mulally, CEO, Ford Motor Company
Dysheka Johnson
Strayer University
Dr. Joseph Pionke
Organizational Behavior
July 7, 2011

This paper presents a discussion about Alan Roger Mulally who is an American businessman who was hired as CEO of Ford in September 2006(Hellriegl and Slocum, Jr. 2011 p .543) This paper examines Mulally’s role of Leadership and the goals that he has set forth for Ford to avoid bankruptcy, overcome struggle and to become a successful and profitable company during and after the recession that has occurred in the late 2000’s.

Alan Mulally, CEO, Ford Motor Company

Discuss the role of leadership and how it can impact organizational performance.
Leadership is an art, and like other arts, it requires discipline, good techniques and self expression. Leadership ability is always the lid on personal and organizational effectiveness. If the leadership is strong, the lid is high. But if it’s not, then the organization is limited (Maxwell, p.8).

Leadership actions must be developed which fits the individual and group personalities and bring effective results when it is used by an individual in a particular manner. Drucker (1996) found that, “Every knowledge worker in modern organization is a “leader” if, by virtue of his position of knowledge, he is responsible for a contribution that materially affects the capacity of the organization to perform and to obtain results.” This is not intended to indicate that knowledge of leadership pattern is not important. But on the contrary, the greater the knowledge of the leader, the more probable are the chances of selecting and developing a pattern which means success to the individual leader.

If a leader is not effective then the organization will suffer greatly. The organization will have a record of poor performance to include, lack of morale, poor performance, not profitable, consequences such as failure and eventually failure.

Discuss Mulally’s leadership style at Ford Motor Company and provide examples of how his actions fit this style.
Mulally’s being the way he is, relentless has resulted in Ford making some strategic moves. Mulally has kept Ford ahead of GM and Chrysler in the fight of survival. “He says, “If this is the reality, what are we going to do about it? not “We’re going to work our way through it.”(Hellriegel and Slocum, Jr. p.543)

Mulally persuaded Bill Ford to sell off Juguar and Land Rover and focus it resources on the Ford brand. He sold Juguar, Aston Martin and Land Rover to India’s Tata in 2007 when there was still a market for makers of luxury vehicles (Hellrielgel and Slocum, Jr. pg.543).

Mulally leadership style has helped Ford separate themselves from its major competitor, GM and Chrysler/Fiat. “As we come though this recession of 2008-20096, we’re going to be a turbo machine when it economy turns around (Hellriegel and Slocum, Jr.)

Mulally believes in communication among everyone that is involved at Ford. “Communicate, communicate, communicate says,” Mulally. Everyone has to know the plan, its status and area that need special attention.” (Hellriegel and Slocum, Jr.) Mulally having openness and bluntness has gain support throughout Ford. That’s what many companies and organizations need in order to run smoothly, honesty. Being reserved and not speaking one’s mind are characteristics that could hurt a company or the individual leader. Mulally wrote a one-page summary of his managerial abilities. Titled “Alan’s Leadership, “it includes “proven successful leader… acumen and judgment……steady……true North.” (Hellriegel and Slocum, Jr.)

Discuss how goal setting helped Ford improve its performance.

Hellriegel and Slocum, Jr. 2001 found that Mulally was CEO of Ford after being hired in 2006. He had not engineered, designed, of built any cars. Mulally was able to devise a plan that identified...
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