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Alan Jones & Telstra

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From July 2002, Telstra will sponsor 2GB’s Alan Jones’ Breakfast program for one year. This sponsorship will provide Telstra with a cost-effective communications vehicle to promote its major products, new launches and community sponsorship.

Alan Jones is a prominent player in the media industry and hosts the highest ranking radio program in the breakfast time slot from 6am-9am. The audience is extremely loyal to Jones and they listen to and respect his opinions and use them to influence their friends and families. Further more, talk back radio is a high involvement media with the audience listening on average 6 hours per week. This is up to 33% longer than other types of radio. Recent surveys found that 57% of radio listeners paid high attention to talk back radio, compared to 25% who paid high attention to music radio. Talk back radio stays in the foreground and develops strong relationships with their listeners. Music radio stays in the background and provides ambience.

The following details the structure of the agreement with 2GB: Media Costs $1,200,000 (Payment to 2GB)
Term of Agreement 1 year
Market Coverage Sydney Only
Time Slot Breakfast 6am-9am
Live Reads 3 x 30 sec spots per day Monday to Friday
(fixed time placement 6:43am, 7:15am, 7:57am)
Positioning Statements/Credits 7
Added Value $100 k credit towards 2003 NRL $380 k sponsorship for 2003
850 x 30 second commercials Morning, Afternoon,
Drive, Evening
Product Category Exclusivity Internet, Mobile, Fixed, Pay TV Weeks on air each year 44 weeks
Copy Writing Included in fee
Cost Breakdown by Business Unit
Business Unit Total media
commitment for
Percentage of
Total Spend
Alan Jones Dollar
Retail –
$38,800,000 52.35% $628,200
Retail- Small
$4,000,000 5.4% $64,800
Mobile $25,255,556 34.08% $408,960
Shops $6,055,560 8.17% $98,040
TOTAL $74,111,116.00 100% $1,200,000
Telstra Confidential
2 July 2002
Prepared by Peta Stratford-George...

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