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This paper covers the comparison of AMA statement of ethics and a website ( for ethical marketing and services. Based on the comparison, there is an analysis whether the website is using ethical marketing or not.

According to revised statement of ethics by AMA, a business should follow the most essential ethical values such as honesty responsibility, fairness, respect, transparency and citizenship. Responsibility according the statements holds to “strive to communicate clearly with all constituencies.” (AMA statement of ethics, 2008). In the light of the mentioned point, grabbing personal information without letting people know how the data will e used is not ethical. It doesn’t follow the principles of responsibility, transparency and security. Moreover fairness according to the statement includes securing the personal information of the customer employees and partners (AMA statement of ethics, 2008). As discussed website sells the information to its stake holders, it does not fulfill the standards of fairness according to the statement. Although website is using the information in a productive way but selling individual’s information for any purpose is neither ethical nor legal. Even if a business shares the fact to customer that their personal information will be used to get profit from a third party, according to law , it is not legal.

Concluding the dicsuion; www.cancerpage .com does not follow the ethical values explained by AMA statement of ethics

(AMA statement of ethics, 2008).revised 2008,
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