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  • Published : September 22, 2010
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At Beryl’s it’s all about delivering the best chocolates in Malaysia. Beryl’s chocolate wonderland
Seri Kembangan, Selangor Darul Ehsan
Beryl’s chocolate kingdom
Jalan Imbi , Kuala Lumpur

Beryl’s product carries this implied promise of the very best in chocolate products and the Beryl’s brand is now synonymous with that expectation. We commit a substantial amount of time, effort and resources towards the development of unique chocolate combinations. Many of these use local and regional ingredients including durians, mangoes and even chilies to create chocolate blends like no other. This development process starts however with the finest raw materials including some of the world’s best cocoa beans from Ghana. The use of the best raw material is, we believe important in ensuring the finest finished products. The examples of Beryl’s product are: *PANNED CHOCOLATE * BAR CHOCOLATE


Promotion strategy for market expansion
The following are some of the strategies used by Beryl’s for market expansion: • Availability of BERYL’S enhanced through an expansion of the vending machine network.

• New consumption opportunities for chocolates and confectionery were identified and developed in areas like railway platforms, college canteens and major events.

• Beryl’s give sample at several supermarket to people taste it before buy.


The price of Beryl’s chocolate is cheaper than the other chocolates from other country. It is because the factory of Beryl’s chocolate located at Malaysia. So, it only use less cost to transport the chocolates to supermarket or shop nearby.

A key advantage of maintaining a strong brand image in a competitive market is a degree of flexibility in the pricing strategy. It is a common characteristic of imperfectly competitive markets for producers to concentrate on non-price competition. When looking at the pricing...
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