Alain de Batton "On Anticipation"

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On Alain de Botton's "On Anticipation"
Alain de Botton's main argument on the relationship between anticipation and travel is that while one waits in anticipation of a trip they begin to imagine the most beautiful scenario while often leaving out reality. He also explains how when we are going to travel we tend to leave out the thoughts of the actually travel itself. We see ourselves somehow just showing up to this beautiful destination without having any travel or problems. "In my anticipation, there had simply been a vacuum between the airport and my hotel. Nothing had existed in my mind between the last line on the itinerary and the hotel room." (Botton) Botton shows this main idea in his quote explaining then when he got off the airport he thought that he would walk right off into his hotel room. This backs Botton's main idea of the relationship between anticipation and travel showing that when people think of their trips it is as if they were going right to the hotel cutting out the middle man completely. He then goes on to describe how he would've never pictured the scenes he saw in the airport that negatively filled his head.

The main rhetorical device that Botton uses to try to persuade his readers into thinking that his view is correct is a use of imagery. Botton goes into full indepth descriptions of what he sees and also feels allowing the reader to create their own personal image of where he is in their minds. This may seem like it wouldn't persuade the readers by allowing them to create their own scenarios and image in their head but it does the opposite. Botton uses descriptions in a way that makes you create the image the exact way he wants you to almost making you feel the same emotions he did. Botton says "nothing was as I had imagined it, which is surprising only if one considers what I had imagined. " I picked this quote out of the many other ones where Botton actually describes what he sees because I feel that Botton in a way wrote a...
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