Alabama vs. Texas

Topics: Road, Southern United States, Dirt road Pages: 3 (910 words) Published: April 29, 2012
Melanie StJohn
Final Draft of Compare and Contrast Essay
TX vs. AL

South Texas and Alabama have many similarities and differences. This essay will examine South Texas because this area greatly differs from North Texas. North Texas is like the “Alabama” of Texas, but not quite that bad. This will more than likely end up being an Evaluative essay, only because of my strong preference to Texas. When choosing between the two states it comes down to your lifestyle preference.

Texas is big, fun, and very diversified. Although the weather is very hot and humid most of the year, but beaches and recreation are always close by. The winters and fall seasons are very nice, and it hardly ever gets freezing cold; there have been winters that completely consist of “sweater weather.” Texas is full of all different types of people: big, small, black, white, brown, yellow; you name it Texas has them all! In south Texas a big city is always less than an hour away. There are many places to shop and eat and many other recreational activities as well. Texas is known for its huge music venues, as well as its beautiful beaches and camping grounds. Other than the lights of the big cities and the beach shores, our scenery is somewhat lacking; everything is dry and flat. A plant life is about the most luscious plant life you will find. Texas is very fast paced, everyone is minding their own business and in a hurry to do something. The cities are in fact built for speed, intersections and high mph limits are in nearly every town. While both the people of Texas and Alabama have distinct southern accents, once you live in Texas then move to Alabama, you will realize that your accent wasn’t that strong to begin with. The people of Texas are notoriously known for minding their own business; they are sometimes described as rude. If someone does not personally know you, they will not step out of their way to bother you, or even smile at you. Texas is very special because of...
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