Al-Ghazali Life

Topics: Sufism, Islam, Muhammad Pages: 1 (407 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Abu Hamid Mohammed Ibn Mohammed Al-Ghazali, also known as Al-Ghazali, was one of the most influential Sunni and Sufi philosophers of the 11th and 12th century. He was born on 1058 AD in Tus, Persia and had a large impact leading Islam, specifically to the Sunni and Sufi Muslims. He was known as “the proof of Islam” to this group of Muslims. Al-Ghazali presented a constructive impact on Islam and still continues to do so today through his inspirational works. The life of Al-Ghazali can be divided into three major periods. The first is the period of learning. Al-Ghazali’s father died at a young age in poverty, and left Al-Ghazali and his brother Ahmed with a Sufi. Al-Ghazali was educated at the Nizamayyah School in Baghdad and also in Tus, Persia, at the Nishapur School. At these schools, he followed the standard curriculum of “Islamic Science” which was an emphasis on the study of the Qur’an and Traditions. The second period of Al-Ghazali’s life was his time in his career as a very important orthodox doctor of the Islamic community in Baghdad. Although this was a short period, it was very significant. Throughout this time, on top of lecturing on Islamic jurisprudence at the college, he was also busy answering questions from every part of the community. The assassination of Nizam Al-Mulk, one of his teachers, and the brutal death of Sultan Malikshah, also another theologian teacher of his, Al-Ghazali fell into a spiritual crisis and left Baghdad, leaving his career and the world. This even symbolizes the beginning of the third period of his life, which also contained a short period of him teaching at the Nizamiyyah College in Nishapur. After Al-Ghazali left Baghdad, he strolled as a Sufi in Palestine and Syria before he returned back to Tus, where he was really into Sufi practices, writing, and also teaching his students until his death. In 1095, Al-Ghazali went through a personal crisis and was questionable about where his faith was heading and about his life....
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