Akzo Nobel Analysis

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Akzo Nobel & Dow Chemicals

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Chemical Marketp. 4
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Dow Chemical
The Dow Chemical Company was set up in 1947. The company sells and manufactures plastic materials, agricultural products and services, advanced materials, chemicals and other specialized products and services. The company connects innovation and chemistry to help address many of the world’s most challenging problems such as the need for clean water, renewable energy generation conservation. The company delivers a lot of technology-based products to customers in about 160 different countries in high growth sectors. Examples of those sectors are: energy, agriculture, coatings, electronics and water. In 2009 the company had about 52.000 employed people all over the world and the annual sales of that year were $44.9 billion. The principal offices of the company are located at 2030 Dow Center in Michigan. The company also has its own website. Their Internet site is: www.dow.com. AkzoNobel

Akzo and Nobel were two different companies. Those to companies emerged and became AkzoNobel. They are now one of the world’s leading industrial companies. The company is active in Performance Coatings, Specialty Chemicals and Decorative paints. AkzoNobel was set up in the year 1777. AkzoNobel is based in The Netherlands in Amsterdam. They supply coatings, special chemicals and paints. In 2009 AkzoNobel had about 54.000 employees active in their company who are based in approximately 80 different countries. In that year their revenue was about € 13.0 billion. This company things about the future but they act in the present. One of the think that they want to do in the future is introduce new ideas and develop sustainable answers for their customers. External Analysis

Chemical Market
The reports on the biggest companies in the chemical industry have Akzo and Dow Chemicals both situated in their top 15 companies. Other notable companies are BASF, SABIC, DuPont, Mitsubishi Chemical. Another Dutch company DSM is also in the top rankings. BASF, which is situated in Germany seems to have the largest share and Dow is in close second with sales exceeding 44 billion dollar. Akzo generated close to 14 billion (13,9) dollars in 2009. The chemical market is filled with numerous companies, due to the many products are involved in the chemical industry. For most of the companies their chemical business units are not their main units but in the case for Akzo and Dow Chemicals it is their main business unit. The past year a downturn swept over Europe. Dropping sales in many industries and thus also in the chemical industry. Ukrain, the Baltics and the Nordic countries were among the markets that suffered the most during the period. Dow Chemicals and AkzoNobel did lose sales duing this period but they did not lose profit. AkzoNobel had already turned into a cost-cutting mode the year before and those actions increased their profit during a time in which the revenues fell. Dow Chemicals products line is so diverse and in somany markets that any downfall in a market will be corrected by more profit in another market. Dow Chemicals is also busy making their dailly operations more efficient.

AkzoNobel’s DESTEP
Demographics are dealing with density and distribution of a population.

AkzoNobel is experiencing a global and economic crisis since the great depression of the late 1920’s and 1930. Companies all over the world have to face enormous challenges on the markets they are active on due to the economic crisis. Many companies are struggling to remain competitive as the recession becomes worse. AkzoNobel’s aim is to emerge an even stronger company. The employees that are working in this company showed spirit and commitment to ensure...
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