Aks Tourism Marketing Research

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  • Published: February 5, 2013
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Table of Contents

Executive Summary i

Table of Contents1

Business Problem Analysis2

Background Information2
AKS Tours Products & Services3
Existing Background Information & Existing Research4

Management Problem4

Marketing problem4

Research objectives4

Definition of the Target Market4
Target Market Profile5

Qualitative Research6
Depth Interviews6
Focus Groups6
Quantitative Research6
Online Survey7
Face to Face set Questionnaire7

The Decision Criteria7


Executive Summary

Due to downturn in the current economic climate AKS Tours have experienced less demand for its product. We believe we have identifieduncovered a gap in the Queensland tourism market: o. Our competitors do not readily provide scenic Air Charter Tours. B, by providing this service we aim to create greater demand for our products. We would also like to use this new serviceproduct to build greater awareness of our brand and existing products. By filling this gap we aim to meet the demand in the current tourism market. We want AKS Tours to be synonymous for one stop shop, pre-structured, luxury tour experiences.

Before we go ahead with this initiativeproduct we would like to commission market get some research done to ascertain gain a better understand of how it will be perceived by holidaymakers.the The objective of the research is to provide sufficient information to enable management to determine whether adding product will be perceived by holidaymakers.

So the question is; should we add the new Scenic CharterFlight Tours program to our existing package deals will::

determine customer awareness and attitudes towards the brand identify perceived objections and benefits of the new service obtain ratings and rankings of each service provided; and
measure purchasing intentions

• , in order to attractAttract new customers
• Create...
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