Akiba Drummer Quote "Night"

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Akiba Drummer’s Quote

In the autobiography of Night written by Elie Wiesel it shows what Elie experienced in the time that he was in the holocaust. Elie was a very religious because he was a religious person Elie wanted someone to teach him the Cabala at the age of thirteen. Akiba instead of letting his faith go he decides to keep believing and he believes in God and with faith in God he will survive in the concentration camps. I lovee you elie said to his wife and he left to the concentration camps.

At the beginning of the novel Elie’s faith is all strong with God, but when gets put into the concentration camp Elie starts to lose his faith. Elie’s life changes when he got into the concentration camp. He was seeing many horrible and deadly events he shouldn’t see at his age. He saw babies being used as target practice, people digging their own graves, and also people being burned alive. Some Jews in the camp still had their faith, but for Elie his faith dropped so much that he never continued to pray. Elie was thinking to himself “his mysterious ways, the sins of the Jewish people, and the redemption to come. As for me, I had to cease to pray. I concurred with job. I wasn’t denying his existence, but I doubted his absolute justice…. (45)” Elie didn’t deny that God’s existence wasn’t there but he was questioning and asking God why you have me in this place. As for Akiba Drummer he still had his faith with god. Akiba

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Drummer said to the crowd in the camp “God is testing us. He is wants to see whether we are capable of over coming out base instincts, of killing the Satan within ourselves. We have not right to despair. And if he punished us mercilessly, it is a sign that he loves us that much more…(45)” Akiba was trying to tell Elie and the people in the camp is that is that God’s love will always shine no matter what. God wants to see if they can...
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