Akeelah and the Bee ( Movie Analysis)

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  • Published : December 1, 2012
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I.Tittle: Akeelah and the Bee

II. Setting:
Give the general place (for example; the country) and the general time (example; in what period of Akeelah’s life and student life) the story happens.

Chensaw Middle School- At the start of the movie.
Woodland Hires Middle School- The District Spelling Bee.
Sripps National Quiz Bee- It’s in the National Spelling Bee

III. Characters
each incomplete sentence.

1. Akeelah Anderson- She’s the main character in the story and a good speller. She won the national spelling bee. 2. Dr. Joshua Larabee- He’s the trainer of Akeelah who help her win the contest. 3. Tanya Anderson- She’s the mother of Akeelah who does not support her at the first time. 4. Mr. Welch- He’s the principal in Chensaw Middle School. 5. Javier Mendez- He’s the first best friend of Akeelah in the Spelling Bee and he is also inlove with her. 6. Dylan Chui- He’s the first competitor of Akeelah. He was also the two years’ 2nd place in the Quiz Bee. 7. Kiana Anderson- She’s the elder sister of Akeelah. She saw the contestant cheating which helped Akeelah to qualify in the top 10. 8. Devon Anderson- He’s the brother of Akeelah and played as coach of Akeelah. 9. Terrence Anderson- He’s the younger brother of Akeelah. 10. Georgia- She’s the best friend of Akeelah.

11. Derrick T.- He’s the Hip Hop boy who help to coach Akeelah. 12. Mr. Chui- He’s the competitive father of Dylan. He always scold his son about winning.

A. Exposition or Introduction- The part that Akeelah got the paper with the grade of 100% B. Development or Rising Action- When Akeelah started to join the Spelling Bees. C. Climax- It happened in the National Spelling Bee.

D. Denouement or Falling Action- Akeelah and Dylan win the Spelling Bee. E. Ending-It’s where they go back to they’re place with trophy.

V. Explain why the lessons in life that you learned from the movie about the following:

A. Honesty- The moral uprightness or being...
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