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Congratulations AKASH for bagging an “Overall L-SAT Rank” of 1.Your Patiala ZONE Rank is 4. Join Lakshya before 15th December 2013 and get additional 5% Founder's Week Discount along with Early Bird, L-SAT Scholarship and other eligible discounts.

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Special Invitation for Personal Counselling Session at Lakshya To get a personal counselling session with Lakshya teachers, call and take your appointment at Lakshya help desk. When Carl Linnaeus introduced the rank-based system of nomenclature into biology, the highest rank was given the name "kingdom" and was followed by four other main or principal ranks.[1] Later two further main ranks were introduced, making the sequence kingdom, phylum or division, class, order, family, genus and species.[2] In the 1960s a rank was introduced above kingdom, namely domain (or empire), so that kingdom is no longer the highest rank. Prefixes can be added so subkingdom and infrakingdom are...
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