Ajax Project Case

Topics: Project management, Problem solving, Problem Pages: 1 (395 words) Published: October 31, 2010
1. How effective has Tran been as a project manager? Explain.

I think the Tran did his best to finish the project and he was very effective in some part of project with his team for many reason .First he intended to give a bonus to his team if they finish the project so, he encourage them by give them money. Other thing is that he was spend more time with his team helping them solving problem. Tran also used to start his day with his to let the team review that they did in their previous day because he believe this will help full. Before the actual work started in the project, Tran gathers his entire team as well as key staff from the government to show them the major objective and basic project plan. I think this is an effective way to let the team know what is going to be. 2. What problem(s) does Tran face?

From the beginning the project there was many problems. For example this project wasn’t exited before it was only done in laboratory and Tran believe that it is difficult to change the theory to practical because there are big different between the laboratory and real word. Other problem was his team. There was edge different between the team, not because they seeing to the problems from different angle, but because some of them were all most former military while others were much motley crew. The most problem that Tran faces was the salary issue between the team. For example the hardware engineering they were earning low salary compared to twenty year working for CEBEX. 3. How would you go about solving them? Why?

In my opinion, before doing any project, first I will study the risk of this project. If the risk of this project is too high, I will not try to do it because highrisks mean not reach the goal. Trans knew about that risk but he continued. Other solution regarding the different between the generations is to bring an employee with all most same age because working in project need a people in same background and same beliefs. If I...
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