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Topics: Islam, Debut albums, Trustworthiness Pages: 2 (574 words) Published: March 7, 2013
My New Year Resolution

I have always described New Year as a new beginning of a new calendared cycle or new path for self-development.  I usually never will write or detailed out what my resolutions would be for the year. What I do is to have a glance of abstractive understanding of what my plans would be for the future of which I don’t even know where or when it will begin.

Nevertheless, just overnight, the idea of making a change just trigger in my mind. This year, I have listed a few of my most important resolution to be fulfilled. They are:

Self Improvement and Development.. I need to be more positive in building my self-confidence such as being perceptive, assertive and focus. I believe with these, I can become more open-minded, analytical and approachable. It is important that I establish these foundations as it will give an impact to my well being and will eventually affects the perception of the people whom I deal with around me about who or how I really am as a person.

Room for Improvement. In addition, I need to make corrective measure to any faults and failures created by me. This is important because I want to give myself a chance to be able to be independent in making my own decision and judgment and voice out my views without relying so much on following other people. This will eventually help me see what the level of my capabalities is. A change in attitude would give me an incredible advantage as it helps me along the way to increase my potentials.

Trustworthiness. Honesty is the best policy. I believe that being a Muslim and as encouraged by Islam the religion, one must be honest with herself and to other people. I personally feel that I should work hard to be a trustworthy person. Islam encourages the practices of honesty in all aspect of life, be it with myself, family or friends. Allah SWT has promised that all good deeds will be paid with heavenly reward and the bad would be thrown into hellfire. Therefore,...
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