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Topics: Accounts receivable, Invoice, Accounting software Pages: 4 (1021 words) Published: March 3, 2013

1.(4 points) When should you log off the SAP system and why? Answer:
when I am finish using the SAP system, I must log off.
Because if I don’t log off the system, someone may enter the system behind me and do something that I don’t want to do in my system.

2.(2 points) What is the check mark icon on the Standard Tool bar used for? What is the white box at the top left of the SAP system used for? Answer :
You can click it to enter the transaction you type.
You can enter any transactions for easy access.

3.(2 points) What is a “robust” password? Why is password control important? Answer :
(1)“robust” password:
Easy to remember but difficult to guess
6 – 8 characters in length (prefer 8)
No repeating letters or numbers (preferred)
Combines Alpha & Numeric (& many times special characters, too)

(2)Because if your password is known by others, these people might log on the system to see what you do.

1.(2 points) Save a Favorite. Part a.) What did you save? Part b.) What were the detailed steps you took to save it and what was the transaction code (Technical name for this favorite: Hint, you will need to do the NAVIGATION IN SAP Step II. To make sure you are revealing the transaction codes)? Answer:

a) I saved the “enter G/L account Document”

b) Enter a transaction of personal interest into the white command field, and click Blue Menu Bar Favorite/Add The transaction code is FB05
2.(2 points) What are the three ways you can display (pull up) a transaction to work on it? Answer :
Go through the SAP main menu, choose the transaction you want to work on it. Put”/o” in the command line and click ‘generate’.
Use a “/n” before the transaction code to start a new transaction.

3.(4 points) In NAVIGATION IN SAP Step I you changed your personal information. Create and include a screen print of the screen after you changed your personal information per the instructions from lab time.

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