Airtel vs Vodadone

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To Study the Consumer Preference Regarding Airtel and Vodafone (Study of Amritsar City)
Project Report
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Affiliated to Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar
In partial fulfillment of the requirements of MBA Degree

SUPERVISED BY: SUBMITTED BY: Miss. Ujjal Sandhu Hemant kakkar Roll No 94462236760


This is to certify that the project entitled “To Study the Consumer Preference Regarding Airtel and Vodafone” completed during the session 2009-2011 for MBA degree is a bonafide piece of research work and all the sources used to complete this project are duly acknowledged. In case, the project report or any part of it is found to be copied or quoted without reference, I shall be solely held accountable for the repercussions arising there from.

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I am indebted to my guide Ms.Ujjal Sandhu , for giving me constant encouragement and guidance throughout the course of this work. The valuable time and effort put in by his, helped me to carry out this project in the required manner.

I am grateful to all the members of department faculty for their guidance in completion of the report.
I would also like to express my sincere thanks to all the respondents of my study for their kind cooperation.
In the end, I would like to thank all my friends and people who have directly or indirectly helped me for their moral support which was instrumental in completion of this project.

Hemant Kakkar
Roll No.94462236760
Table of Contents

ChapterDescription 1Introduction
2Review of Literature
3Research Methodology
4Data Analysis and Interpretation
5Facts and Findings
6Summary, Conclusion and Recommendations

Chapter 1


A customer is someone who makes use of the paid products of an individual or organization. This is typically through purchasing or renting goods or services.
The word historically derives from “custom”, meaning “habit”; a customer was someone who frequented a particular shop, who made it a habit to purchase goods of the sort the shop sold their rather than elsewhere, and with whom the shopkeeper had to maintain a relationship to keep his or her “custom”, meaning expected purchases in the future. The shopkeeper remembered the sizes and preferences of his or her customers, for example. The word did not refer to those who purchased things at a fair or bazaar, or from a street vendor.

Types of customers
Customers can be classified into two main groups: internal and external. Internal customers work for the organization, possibly in another department or another branch. External customers are essentially the general public.

Internal customers
* People working in different departments of the vendor’s organization. * People working in different branches of the vendor’s organization. External customers
* Individuals
* Businesses or business people, including suppliers, bankers and competitors. * NGOs, Government bodies, Voluntary organizations.
Needs and Expectations
Customer needs may be defined as the facilities or services a customer requires to achieve specific goals or objectives. Needs are generally no-negotiable, but may be optional or of varying importance to the customer. In any transaction, customers seek value-for-money, and will often...
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