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To check Your Connection Speed go to Site

First Level Troubleshooting

If your Internet not working please restart your computer & off / on the modem and wait 2 min. then start.


Beetel 220BX / 110BX / Wifi Router

(Check your modem LED status)

1. Red LED showing power: - If light not glowing checks your power plug and modem adaptor. 2. Yellow LED-showing Link: - If light is not glowing check the RJ11 cable, Splitter connection and phone line (if line phone dead contact to phone dept.)


3. Green LED showing data transfer: - If this light not blinking please on / off the modem. 4. Last Green LED showing computer to modem connectivity: -If light not display check USB / LAN cable. (In XP you can enable the LAN/USB connection)

Errors in modem/ Run time Error

Please Switch Off and Switch on Modem / PC Power

Dynamic IP For Internet Connection

IP - To 254 Subnet - Gateway - DNS - Dns 202.56.215. 54

5. User of WiFi Router must ensure that the security settings (details on our website ) of their “Wifi” Router have been properly enabled to allow only authentic users. The simplest and the fool proof method is by inserting MAC no. of your Laptop/ mobile device in the ADSL Wifi Router and allows using the authorized MAC only.

Dialing Errors (if...
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