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“Airtel” the third largest cellular operator in Bangladesh according to the market share t and sixth mobile phone carrier to enter the Bangladesh market. In fact originally Airtel did not start their business; its commercial operations started under the brand name “Warid Telecom” on May 10, 2007 in Bangladesh. Warid started with speed, lots of promises and outlets to reach the customer’s door but as the day passes they started losing their speed, similarly their promises too. Their promise was to give a cost- effective service to the consumers who were already paying too much for their calls, partly they were successful but their greatest weakness was their network which reins their success. Gradually their market share were decreasing at the same speed they grab the market when they launched. This alarmed their strategic management that, if the thing goes on like this their product will reach the decline stage very soon. In the long run, it has been detected that Warid were running out of capital which were required to expand their network by which at least they can survive in the market. In response to the consequences the Warid Telecom International, an Abu Dhabi based consortium decided to sell their share to raise the capital. In January 10, 2010 “Bharti Airtel Ltd” one of the leading telecom service provider of Asia acquire 70% stake of “Warid Telecom” for US$300 million and rest 30% remains to the Warid . Bharti Airtel Limited took the control of the board of management and rebranded the company’s service under its own brand “airtel” from December 20, 2010. The new capital will be used to expand the network coverage and capacity, and in the introduction of innovative products and services. After all these incidents since then till today, Airtel is operating its business in Bangladesh choosing the “young generation” as their target market. Fortunately within a short span of time they were able to grab the maximum market share of their target market by one simple strategy “providing the service in a cheapest call rate”, which creates a need to young generations that now everyone had to have a cell phone cause now they can afford it. A.K.M ABDUL WAHID

I.D NO: 111011220

“Airtel” have invested most of the equity in Advertisement. They use many medium such as T.V, SMS, Sponsors of many events etc. With the help of advertisement they try to become a strong brand amongst the competitors. In Bangladesh they already have many competitors such as: GRAMEENPHONE, ROBI, BANGLALINK, CITYCELL and TELETALK. So they have to think how they can beat them and be the top brand in Bangladesh.

Their target customers are young people those who are mainly teenagers and economically dependent on their parent. So Airtel always tried their best to keep the call rate cheaper than the others. Airtel always keep touch with their customers through SMS which is a nice strategy to follow. Cash back is one of the finest facilities they provide to their customers and they give the highest numbers of FNFs which is eight and call rate of FNF is so cheap that any teenagers can afford easily.

Airtel is focusing to give better network amenities to retain the customer and trying to make loyal towards them. Bharti Airtel does high investment on TV commercials on Indian channel which can be easily accessible by a Bangladeshi viewer through satellite that’s why Airtel Bangladesh does less TV commercials. So Airtel is diverting their capital towards improving their network. They are also involved in corporate social responsibilities which are also a part of their promotion strategy. They become sponsors on concert in order to create a good brand value towards their target market especially on days like valentine day, friendship day, pohela boishakh, etc.

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