Airtel Advertisement Analysis

Topics: Bharti Airtel, Friendship, Bharti Enterprises Pages: 3 (692 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Airtel Advertisement Analysis

• 1. Presentation by Group-2Abhinav Shikhar Ashwin GoyalJoshuva Alexander Motiur RahamanMudit Desai Maneesh GargVignesh P.B Kanupriya Sethi • 2. Competitive Environment• Communication:• “any thing that allows one person to communicate to another person “• 1) Telecom sector• 2) Skype• 3) Mail servers• 4) Social network sitesTodays youth share a relationship with theirfamilies but they share their life with theirfriends. Thus, the communication as well as theservice has relevance for todays youth. • 3. 1. Airtel Jingle- A.R. Rahaman

• 4. 1. Airtel Jingle- A.R. Rahaman• 16 states, 600 million people, one service provider• One network that connects India, like A. R Rahman moves India with his music• TG: People who need wireless network, people who want to connect on the go, people who want to be the part of the revolution of wireless communication• This music went on to become the “Airtel Signature Tune” • 5. 2. Join The Dots

• 6. 2. Join The Dots • “Few relation are very important, they cant be avoided • When relations are based on love and affections, distance is nothing and conversation is possible • - keep connected with Airtel”TG: special relations Son, Daughter, Wife, Husband, Mother, Father ( Every Family member) • 7. 3. Communication Boundaries

• 8. 3. Communication Boundaries • ‘Express Yourself’ platform making the breaking of communication barriers its focal point “Deewarein gir jaati hain, faasle mit jaate hain, jahan do baatein ho jaati hain (Barriers break when people talk).” Connecting cultures, longing to communicate without any barriers the society places, making new friends, caring, unity, peace, free mindednessTG: long distance relationship Son/ daughter away from home, husband away from hiswife for business assignment, friends separated because ofcareers. • 9. 4. Endless Goodbye

• 10. 4. Endless Goodbye• “A man and his girl are never apart even...
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