Airsoft: A Realistic Shooting Game

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There is an airsoft team by the name of the Hellfish who rent out my father's metal stamping factory a few times per year to practice their shooting. Airsoft is a realistic shooting game in which the players use replica firearms to try to shoot their opponents. For this game, I carefully observed the players from the sidelines. This sport is similar to its more popular cousin, paintball. However, after watching the Hellfish play a few games, I would definitely recommend airsoft instead of paintball to anyone looking for some exercise and a fun roleplaying experience.

The factory that the players rent out is fairly large, and they also make use of the yard outside, accessible through a garage door in the back. The players utilize the area and the objects around them to their advantage. There are various crates, tables, and other objects that are scattered throughout the arena for them to take cover with. There are also five large machines, presses to be more specific, inside the factory which the players also use for cover. The Hellfish are a very committed team that put a great deal of time and effort into their games, so they even have a flag that the captain designed which they hang from the ceiling. For some of their games they choose to turn off the lights to make the game more suspenseful.

For this particular game there were sixteen people who attended from the Hellfish team and two additional players who saw an ad for the event online. The majority of the players were in their late twenties or early thirties, but there were some exceptions. Two of the players appeared to be in their late forties, and there was also a father with his thirteen year old son. (Players under the age of eighteen have to have their parents sign a safety form for them.) There were no female players. All

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of the other players agreed that they have rarely encountered female airlift players. These players were divided into two teams: black and camouflage....
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