Airport Theft Security

Topics: Identity theft, Theft, Delta Air Lines Pages: 2 (568 words) Published: March 30, 2011

Various forms of theft occur all too often at airport terminals. Security officers and security supervisors are constantly dealing with this problem. BACKGROUND
These theft incidents include theft of baggage, data information which includes identity theft, aircraft, aviation fuel, and personal belongings. These incidents of theft occur at any number of locations, including screening areas. Some of the theft crimes are committed by other passengers and bystanders, but employees have also been involved in some of the incidents. DISCUSSION

1. A federal grand jury accused Michael Derring, 48, and Tina White, 47, on Wednesday of conspiracy and aggravated identity theft, alleging they stole personal information including the Social Security numbers of dozens of TSA workers at Boston's Logan International Airport. 2. More than 60 TSA screeners have been arrested for theft at 30 different airports, both large and small. Some have been caught going through bags in full view of airport security cameras -- one is even seen on tape pocketing a gold bracelet. 3. Delta Air Lines Inc. baggage handlers were caught rifling through suitcases in the belly of airplanes in Hartford, Conn., pocketing laptops, cameras, iPods, GPS units, jewelry, watches and earrings. Northwest Airlines baggage handlers were caught stealing items and posting them for sale on eBay right from a supervisor's airline-owned computer. Baggage theft reports are up nearly 50% this year. 4. General aviation airports and aircraft frequently are the victims of crime. Most often, this crime includes the theft of aircraft and parts, particularly expensive avionics, and vandalism. At its extreme, aviation crime can include terrorism and hijacking. 5. Incidents of aviation fuel theft are on the rise. Factors include the rising cost of fuel making it more lucrative to sell on the black market and easy access and documentation forgeries....
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