Airport Security-Air Cargo

Topics: Airport security, Transportation Security Administration, Airline Pages: 4 (1501 words) Published: August 20, 2010
Airport Security-Air Cargo
Out of all forms of passenger and freight transportation, air travel represents the highest levels of logistics complexity. Every day, thousands of aircraft leave the ground to service domestic and foreign countries. Since the World Trade Center attacks that took place on September 11, 2001, the world and especially the United States has been on a heightened state of alert. Although the aviation industries as well as the independent carries are working hard to ensure that the sky remain safe, there are still too many variables that can result in a disaster (Buzdugan, 2005). The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) (2010), reports that cargo represents a challenge for the airline industry. The reality is suggests the TSA (2010) is, that although there are hundreds of thousands of tons of cargo transported by airplane every day, only about 50,000 tons are classified as cargo. A large amount of the cargo is not classified as such because this segment of packages and boxes are those transported by a passenger carrier, and it is reported that only about 50% are actually screened (TSA, 2010). The issue of cargo is further complicated because the screening process and security measure varies both domestically and internationally.

As people continue to get onboard with explosive devices, the TSA and private organizations are working to increase security measures both in the air terminal and on the aircraft. Caton (2010) examined the new set of policies and regulations that will be implemented by the TSA in August of 2010). The author states that when the new regulation take effect the screening of bags, packages, and all other items considered to be cargo will be screened. From a logics perspective claims Caton (2010), more people will have to be hired as well as an increase in the quality and quantity of the equipment used to scan the cargo. Each aspect of the new undertaking is problematic because of the time, money, and...
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