Airport Security After 9/11

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  • Published : April 13, 2012
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Post 9/11 Airport security changes
Changes in airport security:
Long after the incident of September 11, 2001, several of issues were heaved concerning the efficacy of safety and security at that time, since all of the 19 hijackers had dealt with a way tp to by-pass all the security checkpoints and got on the plane. After the attack, security issues at most airports worldwide were thoroughly scrutinized and addressed and have been on the rise, presumably to decrease the likelihood of similar events happening once more. Before the aftermath of September 11, 2001, screening at the airport was handled by the companies that were private and they were contracted with the particular airline or airport administration. The department of Transportation Security Administration was launched to administer all the security and screening done at all airports of US. Though the past years have seen the establishment of the Transportation Security Administration, but some of the major changes in the security have yet to be employed. They had mounted locked and bulletproof doors for the cockpit; hence protecting the pilot along with flight crew from the other part of the plane. Several attempts have been made to fit Closed Circuit TV systems in order to monitor the cabin system. A security company named Argenbright Security was responsible for providing security and screening at the airports of Washington Dulles and Newark was associated with some problems in May 2000, the reason being the hiring of 1,300 inexperienced security guards, out of those 1300 several dozen were associated with criminal records at the International Airport of Philadelphia. The Argenbright Security was on test and probation period during attacks of 9/11, after that incident its probation period was changed to Oct. 2005. Improved security on aircraft:

The doors on the Cockpit of the many aircraft are now made stronger and bulletproof to avoid the unauthorized entrance. As compare to the previous years,...
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