Airport Passenger Process Mapping and Evaluation

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Airport Passenger Process Mapping and Evaluation

Sofia Airport is the largest and one of the three currently functioning airports in Bulgaria. It is built in 1937 and continues to serve flights and today. It consists of two terminal buildings - Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. Terminal 1 was the original airport site until 27th of December 2006 when the airport expanded and Terminal 2 started functioning as Terminal 1’s capacity was insufficient to serve all the flights. According to AIP at EUROCONTROL, Sofia Airport served 3 296 936 passengers for 2010. Terminal 1 is the one that serves both inside and international flights. It functions now for more than 70 years but has been rebuilt and renovated numerous times to perform at the expected level according to modern airport standards.

Terminal 1 is relatively small for a terminal but is easy accessed and serves passengers using simplified procedures. If you attend the terminal with car, it offers one 24/7 security controlled and one free, passengers only parking areas. They are both on ground level and located near the terminal’s building entrance. Moving from either parking to the airport entrance takes not more than a minute which is very convenient for the passengers, personnel and taxi drivers for arrivals. And if using civil transport, there is also a bus stop which is even closer to the entrance. Once in the terminal building, the passenger heads to the ticket center. It’s located close to the entrance so you go straight there to purchase a ticket first. Usually the waiting at the queue takes about ten minutes, varying in seasonal peaks and turn- downs. Serving the passenger doesn’t take long- less than 5 minutes from coming to leaving the deck, as the personnel is well- trained and experienced. Next passenger has to attend at check- in. The relatively small size of the departure hall allows you to quickly move from the ticket center to the check- in desk. But the size of the hall also has a disadvantage....
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