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BCA(Bachelor of Computer Application)

VI Semester


“Remote Tracker”
(Remote Computer Monitoring)

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Department of Computer Science
Vivekananda College

External Guide: Internal Guide: Praveen udupa Prakash Kumar P Technical Director Dept of computer science A1 Logics,mangalore Vivekananda college,puttur

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Kiran C.K (092290716)

Varun Shetty (092290741)

Xavi K Thomas (092290727)

Table of Contents

| |Descriptions | | |1 |Introduction |1 | |2 |Problem Definition |1 | |3 |Scope of the Project |1-2 | |4 |Objectives |2 | |5 |Methodology/Planning of work |2-4 | |6 |Facilities required for Project |6 | |7 |Place of Work |7 |


‘Remote computer monitoring’ is a window based application. Remote Computer Monitoring allows to view screens of the computers connected to the network. This way we can observe what the client is doing on the remote location. When your client need instructions we can show them on our desktop. Remote Computer Monitoring is designed to provide convenient access the monitor PC from any location without any physical appearance.

Problem Definition:

Existing System:

In the present system we cannot monitor the remote system. In this system we cannot warn the client by sitting in front of our system. Administrator does not have any idea about the client and his work. But there is a possibility that a client would perform an illegal task and pretend to be innocent.


• We cannot monitor the client.

• Clients will not have any restriction.

• Time consuming.

• Cannot warn the client

• Client can misuse the system.

Scope of the Project:

Proposed System:

Here, we are developing new software called “Remote Tracker”. This software helps us to monitoring the each system connected to the network. It is used whenever we want to monitor or have a control on the client and also used to pass instructions to the individual system. Administrator will have an idea on the client work along that admin can easily track the client, so clients will always be under the control of admin.

If we consider the instances like a laboratory or an office where there are many computers, the concerned authority would go to each and every system to view what the people at the...
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