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Airman Knowledge Test Question Bank

06/13/2012 Bank: (Airline Transport Pilot) Airman Knowledge Test Question Bank The FAA computer-assisted testing system is supported by a series of supplement publications. These publications, available through several aviation publishers, include the graphics, legends, and maps that are needed to successfully respond to certain test items. Use the following URL to download a complete list of associated supplement books: The Learning Statement Reference Guide for Airman Knowledge Testing contains listings of learning statements with their associated codes. It can be located at:




Which is a purpose of wing-mounted vortex generators? A) Delays the onset of drag divergence at high speeds and aids in maintaining aileron effectiveness at high speeds. B) Breaks the airflow over the wing so the stall will progress from the root out to the tip of the wing. C) Increase the onset of drag divergence and aid in aileron effectiveness at low speed. 2. PLT223 ATP

In a light, twin-engine airplane with one engine inoperative, when is it acceptable to allow the ball of a slip-skid indicator to be deflected outside the reference lines? A) When practicing imminent stalls in a banked attitude of over 60°. B) While maneuvering at minimum controllable airspeed or less to avoid overbanking. C) when operating at any airspeed of Vmc or greater with only enough deflection to zero the side slip . 3. PLT248 ATP

What is the relationship of the rate of turn with the radius of turn with a constant angle of bank but increasing airspeed? A) Rate will decrease and radius will increase. B) Rate and radius will increase. C) Rate will increase and radius will decrease. 4. PLT083 ATP

(Refer to appendix 2, figures 106 and 107.) If the glide slope indication is lost upon passing HUNDA INT on the ILS RWY 25L approach at LAX, what action should the pilot take? A) Continue to the MAP, and execute the missed approach as indicated. B) Continue the approach as an LOC, and add 100 feet to the DH. C) Immediately start the missed approach direct to INISH INT. 5. PLT004 ATP

(Refer to appendix 2, figures 15 and 18.) What are the time, fuel, and distance from the start of climb to cruise altitude for Operating Conditions BE-24? A) 12.0 minutes; 220 pounds; 45 NM. B) 10.0 minutes; 170 pounds; 30 NM. C) 9.0 minutes; 185 pounds; 38 NM. 6. PLT004 ATP

(Refer to appendix 2, figures 15, 16, and 17.) What is the two-engine rate of climb after takeoff in climb configuration for Operating Conditions BE-21?

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Airman Knowledge Test Question Bank

A) 2,450 ft/min. B) 1,350 ft/min. C) 2,300 ft/min. 7. PLT012 ATP

(Refer to appendix 2, figures 61 and 62.) What is the trip fuel for Operating Conditions X-1? A) 24,000 pounds. B) 25,000 pounds. C) 26,000 pounds. 8. PLT078 ATP

All 14 CFR part 139 airports must report A) accident and incident data annually. B) noise complaint statistics for each departure procedure or runway. C) declared distances for each runway. 9. PLT012 ATP

(Refer to appendix 2, figures 103, 104, 105, and 106.) Estimate the total fuel required to be on the aircraft, prior to taxi at Tucson Intl. (Use 13°E for problem magnetic variation.) A) 2,223 pounds. B) 2,447 pounds. C) 2,327 pounds. 10. PLT015 ATP

(Refer to appendix 2, figures 119, 120, 121, and 122.) What is the specific range in nautical air miles per 1,000 pounds of fuel from level-off to start of descent using .78 Mach? A) 55.9 NAM/1000. B) 52.5 NAM/1000. C) 48.9 NAM/1000. 11. A) None. B) Decreases with altitude. C) Increases with altitude. 12. PLT141 ATP PLT223 ATP

What effect, if any, does altitude have on VMC for an airplane with unsupercharged...
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