Airline Safety - Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality

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Elisabeth Tiberio
Assignment#3 Industry Pioneers
THM 101 - Introduction to Tourism and Hospitality

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(2004). Retrieved January 23, 2013, from Kemmons Wilson, a Business Legend: Bernstein, A. (2003, February 14). Business and Technology. Retrieved January 23, 2013, from The Seatle Times:

Kemmons Wilson: My Nominee for "Hospitality Hall of Fame"

I am here today to nominate Kemmons Wilson as the next pioneer to be inducted into the "Hospitality Hall of Fame."
"Kemmons Wilson, born January 5, 1913, was his widowed mother, Doll's, only child" (Bernstein, 2003). Wilson's strong work ethics first shown at the early age of six when he went from selling newspapers to managing others to sell them for him. Tragedy struck though when he was hit by a car. But Wilson did not let the accident hold him back. He fought his way back to strength and health. Broke and burdened by The Great Depression, Wilson then made the tough decision, "at age seventeen, to leave high school and go to work, to support him and his mother. Wilson began selling popcorn outside of a movie theater"(Bernstein,2003). He surely wasn't afraid of hard work, always putting in long and weary hours. In fact, later in life, one of his twenty rules for success was, "Only work half a day. It doesn't matter which half you work-the first 12 hours or the second 12 hours." Using his keen sense for business, it wasn't long before Wilson used his saved income to turn a new venture into profit. He went from selling popcorn to owning eleven movie theaters. Wilson didn't stop there. "He profited from his Wulitzer jukebox franchise and soon began a lucrative construction business. By 1940 Wilson owned four million dollars of real estate in the Memphis area"("Kemmons Wilson, a Business Legend," 2004). Though a...
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